zeev[1] Zeev Yanai
Chairman and CEO of Advantech Group. In 1996 Zeev founded Demon Systems, together with Yoram Zilberberg and Rony Hirschprung. The company grew, formed subsidiaries, and in May 2004 became a public company following a merger with Advantech. Zeev is an Industrial and Management Engineer with 28 years experience in data systems. He served as a department head at the Mamram IDF unit and took part in the foundation of a number of public software corporations. He is currently tasked with management of the company and the initiation of new fields of operation and complementary acquisitions.
 שמוליק לשם Shmulik Leshem
CEO of the SAP Division. Shmulik holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Management Engineering and an MA in Data Systems from the University of Tel Aviv. He has 25 years experience in data systems and ERP systems. Shmulik has been a part of the SAP operations beginning with its establishment in Israel, and was one of its primary pillars. Shmulik managed the Business, Financial and Industrial sector (SAP) at Ness Technologies. Inter alia, he has overseen the development of several large and complex projects for customers such as Bank Ha’Poalim, the Brom Corporation, Bezeq, the Israeli Aviation Industries Corporation, Paz, the Schestowitz Company, Strauss-Elite (the merger of the two companies)… In his previous positions in SAP operations he was responsible for CRM and SAP Services, including developing localization, SAP’s training center in Israel and SAP’s infrastructure and technology operations.
Limor Morav – BIO
Over 30 years in management (C-level/CEO) and leadership of companies and business units in the IT industry.
Extensive experience in software and infrastructure services and sales processes. Long term business relationships with clients, vendors and business partners.
Some of Limor’s last positions:
• CEO of CodeValue for 3+ years
• VP sales of Glasshouse Israel for 4 years
• CEO of Sela Software Labs for 4 years.
B.sc in Mathematics and Operations Research from TA University and Mamram graduator 
 eitan[1] Dr. Eitan Gurel
The primary Business Manager at Advantech Group. Eitan has a BA in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Technion, Haifa, an MA and Doctorate in Business Management (Financing) from the University of California, Berkeley.
Eitan was formerly the Deputy CEO at Leumi et al. Investment Bank Ltd. He possesses wide experience in economic and financial consultancy.
 roni[1] Ronni Hirschprung
CEO for Marketing and Operations and an AdvanTech Director. Ronni holds a BA in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Technion, Haifa, and an MA in Robotics from Tel Aviv University. He founded and served as CEO of Systeg Systems. He served as a senior officer in the IDF’s Logistics Branch. Currently, he lectures at Tel Aviv University on Communication Networks in addition to his work at AdvanTech. 
 Yoram_Portrait[1] Yoram Zilberberg
Advantech’s CTO as well as an Advantech Director. Yoram possesses a BA in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from the Hebrew University. He served as Division Head for Operational Data Systems in the Israeli Navy, and in 1996 founded Deamon Systems together with Zeev Yanai and Rony Hirschprung. As one of Oracle’s senior personnel in Israel, he is currently responsible for the entire Oracle’s  professional/technological area, from data infrastructure through design and systems development, using a wide range of tools.