ClickSoftware – Optimal Management of Service Representatives and Salesmen in the Field

ClickSoftware offers a suite of software solutions which provides a comprehensive and optimal set of tools for planning, shift scheduling, and real time management of an organization’s service representatives and their assignment to routine shifts and tasks.
Organizations implementing ClickSoftware report that they are able to complete more tasks with fewer personnel, reduce travel times and gasoline use, meet the deadlines set by the customer, complete more assignments the first time, and communicate in real time with their employees in the field.
Presenting a typical day at a service organization – before and after ClickSoftware

• ClickSoftware is a leader in the field of repair and service providers in over 250 organizations around the world, each managing between 25 and 25,000 employees in the field.
• 5 years consecutively – ranked first by Gartner in the Field Service Management sector (which considers solutions for shift scheduling, management and communication for field personnel).

• The entire ClickSoftware suite of solutions is available as a service via the cloud or local installation

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