ClickSoftware Team at Advantech

Advantech and ClickSoftware are working together for more than 5 years on promoting, selling and providing end-to-end solutions based on the Scheduling, Mobility and Shift Rostering solutions by ClickSoftware. Either on premise or in the cloud.
Advantech utilizes a large team of ClickSoftware experienced consultants and has a number of Telecommunication, Home services, Banking, Insurance and industry sector customers.
Advantech works to integrate the ClickSoftware solutions within an array of organizations and investing in enhancing the ClickSoftware capabilities to provide the perfect solution in different verticals.
Advantech attributes its success to a well-balanced combination of a highly skilled, service oriented workforce and an experienced management team. Advantech’s team of professionals creates a synergetic task-force for building solutions and transforming customer vision to working reality. The results are evident at large organizations and small businesses alike.

A few of our ClickSoftware implementations:


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