Creating, updating and reading data from the SAP using Excel

Winshuttle’s Excel solution makes possible the recording of every SAP transaction and reveals it in a simple Excel worksheet, while using all Validations, security mechanisms and auditing contained within SAP.

Building the Excel and executing it requires 3 simple steps:
1. Recording the transaction and selecting the relevant fields
2. Mapping the Excel cells and configuring the data source (manual input, permanent field, returned by the SAP, etc.)
3. Excel design and execution
?Have the requirements changed, Want to update the Excel, Do we need to record again?
Most of the time, no!!! During recording Winshuttle stores all the transaction fields so that you can go back and add fields even if they were not selected during the recording
Can multiple transactions be executed from the same Excel?
Absolutely!!! Winshuttle can run as many transactions as needed from the same Excel Worksheet / File so that, for example, a layman user can create employee entries, read the existing list of existing employees with all the relevant fields from the SAP, update some of the Excel entries and then update the SAP again.
And how do we know if the information has indeed been received by SAP?
All SAP notifications are displayed in dedicated columns in Excel, which confirm construction.