Sales Solutions

Sales managers are expected to continually improve their performance and that of their partners (channels). They therefore must avoid the time-wasting brought on by manual processes, with a focus on an organization’s most valuable processes. AdvanTech combines sales solutions for SAP ERP environments and Oracle ERP environments. CRM systems can also be implemented in these environments.

Additionally, the Product Division at AdvanTech offers a full basket of solutions for sales people and business partners:

  • Callidus Commissions for Managing Commissions, Incentives, Simulations and Projections

The incentive is the most widely available financial tool for businesses looking to grow sales. Callidus is the global leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM) (ranked number one by Gartner) and offers a wide range of tools to convert more leads into sales, and quickly. Callidus’ flagship product is Commissions, which provides tools for building compensation programs using quantitative and qualitative measures, combining tools for What If analysis and the like by the salesperson in the field, and more…

  • Proposal Management Building and Management Functionality

The majority of companies face difficulties updating salespersons on the latest product versions and services offered to customers. An outdated process negatively affects sales performance as well as clients’ satisfaction. Callidus’ CPQ functionality makes it possible for companies to create sales logic and to define what the desired level of discounting is, which products should be recommended to a client according to his profile (Up sell / Cross-sell) conduct automatic authorization processes, increase deal value, and more…

  • Appointment Scheduling for Account Managers

Service centers at many organizations, which receive and initiate conversations with potential clients, assign meetings to their account managers / marketers. This process, usually conducted manually, is not optimal since it does not take into account the matching of the salesperson to the customer profile, time and location considerations, tracking after service, etc… The solution offered includes implementation of ClickSoftware for optimal assignment of employees for appointments, combined with the organizational CRM system and Outlook.