Operations and Service Solutions

Service personnel are a customer’s main point of contact with an organization, and along with Operations have a vital contribution to a customer’s satisfaction and to meeting SLA objectives. AdvanTech is a leading provider of solutions for the optimization of service and operations processes. We represent a long list of products with a proven ROI and the ability to improve the manual, and less efficient, processes.

ClickSoftware for Managing Personnel in the Field
The ClickSoftware solution for the management of personnel in the field is considered a world leader, making it possible to minimize the time spent on shift scheduling, shorten travel times from customer to customer, decrease the use of overtime and to prioritize use of organizational manpower over sub-contractors. The solution manages the service call once its opened (via the service center, the web, the ERP system, and others…), through its assignment to the most suitable person in the field, tracking in real time of unplanned events and circumstances, and ending with its closing and inputting of all relevant information by the personnel in the field.

ClickMobile – A Solution for Shift Scheduling and Communication with Field Workers, Drivers, Pollsters
The ClickMobile solution makes it possible to locate personnel in the field at any given time and to manage them in the most efficient and cost effective manner while at the same time improving service. The system enables cellular roll call, task management with all of the details of the customers and the task, display of employee locations on maps, barcode scanning, image and document uploads, parts management, and more… The application is supported on all mobile devices.

Shift Scheduling
The task of scheduling shifts and assigning them to service workers is highly complex. Many different parameters must be factored in, such as: expected level of demand (number of calls / requests from customers), level of service needed (how long on average can customers be kept waiting), employee skills, labor laws, worker preferences, and more…

The ClickSoftware shift scheduling solution is a comprehensive solution addressing all of these needs, while identifying optimal scheduling, increasing loyalty and satisfaction among employees and customers, reducing costs and manual processes, and meeting regulatory demands.