The Oracle Division

Advantech’s Oracle division is focused on the implementation and realization of solutions for business that are based on Oracle wide ranging toolset. The division provides a variety of services related to implementation, databases and application servers. The Oracle division has extensive experience in the implementation and execution of ERP based eBusiness Suite solutions on all of the system’s versions, and possesses a proven methodology for implementing relatively short time projects  in a variety of organizations, local and international.


Advantech is the leading Israeli provider of a variety of solutions for business based on Oracle’s ERP system. Our services include supporting the customer throughout the entire life cycle if the system:

  • Implementation Projects – Beginning with a Gap Analysis and the design of the solution all the way to testing, training and launch. We perform end-to-end implementation projects together with the customer while taking full responsibility for the products and success of the project.
  • Support and Maintenance – Support and maintenance of the system on-site or offsite, including service call management and support according to the agreed upon SLA with the customer and 24×7 availability when needed.
  • Site Management – Full or partial outsourcing and management of all aspects of the IT unit. Task, project, revision and installation management.
  • Roll-out Projects – Advantech specializes in projects meant to expand existing solutions at global organizations in any corner of the world, including operating as the “local arm” of implementation organizations arriving in Israel to undertake projects at their Israeli branch. We partner with other organizations when use of local resources is needed.
  • Integration with Core Systems – Developing interfaces and automated solutions for the management of working processes and data flow between the organizational ERP system and other core systems, such as Billing systems, e-commerce, etc. As a built in part of this integration we offer a range of monitoring tools for monitoring the system and identifying irregularities.
  • Developing Dedicated Financial Systems – Advantech carries out development and implementation projects of dedicated systems based on the needs of its customers, when a suitable solution is not available in the organization’s ERP system or an off-the-shelf product. These systems are developed using advanced technologies and allow the automation and optimization of the working processes in the organization, including in dedicated fields that are manually or semi-automatically managed.


Advantech possesses a proven methodology for the implementation and management of solutions in an Oracle environment. This methodology has come together from, and has been put into practice in, the dozens of projects the company has performed over the years, and in work with dozens of customers in different business environments.


The central points of the methodology are:

  • Use of Oracle Best Practices as a foundation for the solution’s design
  • Include key users in the customer’s organization from the initial stages of the process and throughout it
  • Present a working system and financial processes in the early stages so as to identify gaps
  • A focus on financial processes and unique financial operations which act as a competitive advantage
  • Implement simple and efficient solutions
  • A minimum of elective customizations – implementing a prioritization system and approval of changes and customizations
  • Participation by senior management in steering committees and decision making
  • Transfer of knowledge to organizations and transfer of responsibility to the IT team and key users


We believe there is no reason to reinvent the wheel with every project. Advantech has pre-configured kits which result in easy, rapid and cost effective implementation. These implementation kits include components such as financial flow charts, test scripts, training materials and data conversion programs. We also come with a proven set of solutions based on our consultants’ thousands of hours of accumulated experience among our vast group of clients.

Advantech’s methodology is flexible and modular and makes it possible for us together with the customer to construct the working method suitable for his individual needs. Advantech has a customized methodology for each of the services we provide for the end-to-end management of our customers’ data systems.