CRM Management Solutions

The CRM world is characterized by significant demand for advanced technological solution and far-reaching innovation on the part of technological tools and solutions; while in the past sales and service processes had been managed manually or using electronic sheets, today there is demand to automate processes in the Cloud, specifically through the use of dedicated CRM applications such as Oracle Siebel On Demand, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce and others, together with the CRM capabilities inherent in ERP systems.

The Oracle division at Advantech has extensive experience in the implementation of CRM solutions for business, from the implementation of sales and service modules within the ERP system itself, including managing the Install Base and a 360° view of customer information, and through developing interfaces for the different CRM systems (be they off-the-shelf products or independently developed) and the integration of sales and service processes; in order to optimize interfaces, in many cases we might include Middleware to manage and secure the interfaces.