Support of Oracle Infrastructure

Oracle Appliances
Oracle has released to the market a series of dedicated machinery which combine hardware and software into an out-of-the-box system which is optimally configured to function in an Oracle working environment. Oracle has committed to develop an operating environment for the machinery which it will monitor, and to support the hardware on a continual basis. There are six main machines:
• Exadata – Runs large databases with an emphasis on performance and large amounts of data
• Exalogic – Runs Oracle’s application server (Web Logic)
• Exalytics – Runs an In Memory database for complex analysis and the execution of BI tools on the same machine
• Backup – Dedicated solution for backup and restore
• Big Data – Runs NOSQL systems including built-in connections to an organization’s databases
• Oracle Data Appliance (ODA) – Database machinery for mid-level systems

Advantech possesses a profound understanding of the use and operation of these systems, including practical experience in the construction and operation of Exadata and ODA based sites.

Oracle’s Real Application Cluster solution makes it possible to work using Active-Active configuration, on sites emphasizing the system’s sustainability and availability. This solution distributes loads among the different servers, as well as leapfrogging when a physical server crashes, in a method transparent to the system utilizing the database services. Oracle has available RAC technologies beginning with version 9, and Advantech has built and is currently managing a significantly large number of systems using this configuration.
Site Maintenance:
Advantech employs skilled Systems personnel and a DBA team who are responsible for maintaining customers’ sites according to an SLA agreement with the customer (including 24×7).
System maintenance includes configuring the monitoring system, performing periodical tests, performing preventive maintenance, support of developer teams and support of end users.
The range of issues supported, include the database (classic DBA), the SysAdmin systems (ERP) and operating application servers.

OAM & ODI – Oracle owns a data security solution which can be used to establish and manage a users’ data-base. This data-base can be independent or one that is synchronized with the organization’s LDAP server. Advantech is charged with developing the tool and connecting it to the client’s systems (including OBIEE and EBS). A specific issue related to Identity Management is the option to assign an SSO which is used by the system to identify a user using identification by the work station, and no repeated input of username / password is needed. Advantech has implemented this solution for its EBS and OIEE customers.
Advanced Features – Oracle possesses a number of attributes which upgrade the routine security capabilities inherent in a system. Among them we will note the Data Vault – for the separation of authorities between the DBA and the functional data, Data Audit – for tracking VPD activity, hiding sensitive information according to applicative rules (including the ability in more advanced versions to scramble data), and Encrypted Tablespaces – for the encryption of information using physical media.

Advantech has implemented these capabilities according to the needs and requirements of the client in a variety of projects.