Advantech’s software products division specializes in the representation of leading international software companies in Israel. Software products offered by Advantech are carefully selected with an emphasis on:
• Market leading products with international brand recognition
• Cost effective for organizations, with a proven ROI
• Suitable for the Israeli market and its unique attributes
• Competitive pricing and flexible pricing model
• Provided as a service / Local Installation (SaaS / On Premise)

At Advantech, we routinely endeavor on behalf of our customers to identify leading software products of the highest standards so that we can provide a comprehensive solution for all their needs.
A product-based solution begins with a profound professional understanding of a client’s needs, continues with identifying the most suitable software product for them, and ends with a successful execution and in providing long term day-to-day support.
Advantech’s product division supports the client beginning with the initial stage of defining the needs and requirements, identifying the most suitable product and the process of examination, execution and implementation for the organization.
[תחילת משפט חסרה ] in the processes of the examination of the product and contributes its experience and knowledge of the technological and financial aspects so as to customize the most suitable solution for the client, while at the same time focusing on the conservation of resources and time and on limiting the risk of unnecessary IT outlays.

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