Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightening (FSL) delivers smarter, faster and personalized service to your clients. With FSL you are always connected to your field employees, inventory and assets via mobile or web, allowing you to monitor, adjust and ensure service delivery in real-time. You can book service appointments instantly and optimize employee productivity by automatically assigning those appointments based on skill, location, time and business rules. FSL was developed by ClickSoftware, the leader in Mobile Field Workforce Management solutions. ClickSoftware solutions are recognized by Gartner at the top spot of the Magic Quadrant.

Every software, no matter how great, must be implemented carefully to perfectly fit your processes and business requirements. The deployment has to be tailored to your team and your organization in order to be utilized to its full potential. FSL is not an exception; it requires specific expertise in mobile workforce optimization and automation. Thus, a successfully implantation requires a partner that understands the complexity and intricacy of field service organizations and can easily suggest and deploy workable solutions. Advantech is uniquely positioned to deliver state-of-the-art implementation of Field Service Lightening, so you can reach service excellence and fully benefit from your software investment. Our experts work hand-in-hand with clients to optimize the Field Service Lightening solution and deliver a tailored solution that perfectly fit your organization.

Proven Results:

Significant improvement in customer satisfaction 

• Quicker response to appointment requests and reduction in appointment window
• 30% increase in first time resolution (the right tech with the right skills and the right tools)
• 35%-65% reduction in late tasks

.Substantial cost savings

• 30%-50% increase in field technician productivity and completed tasks per day
• 50%-70% reduction in back office activities
• 20% reduction in transportation costs

Dramatic increase in revenue

• 20% increase in field sales by field personal

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