SAP Development Group

The SAP Development Group at Advantech is one of the leading Israeli developers of business apps for the SAP system. The group is comprised of a large number of experienced developers who specialize in providing consult, support, maintenance, and management services of development teams in all types of IT fields in the SAP world which make it possible for our clients to meet their objectives.

The group provides a wide range of skills, services and solutions from the SAP development universe:

  • Development in the variety of SAP modules
  • Building different types of reports
  • Building complex work screens
  • Developing outputs in all technologies
  • Expansion of working processes in all types of technologies while keeping in accordance with SAP Standards
  • Developing all types of interfaces including advanced familiarity with SAP PI
  • Development of Web apps using the following technologies:
  • SAPUI5, SAP Portal, ABAP Web Dynpro, JAVA Web Dynpro
  • Object-oriented programming (ABAP OO)
  • Code monitoring and maintaining of the SAP methodology for efficient and proper programming
  • Conducting research and performance optimization using various programs and reports
  • Management of development teams both in Launch projects and in maintenance projects
  • Constructing work routines and processes between implementers and developers
  • Provide consult and technical solutions for an implementation team

Advantech makes efficient use of the human capital, knowledge and experience in its possession when implementing SAP, Oracle, and Java based systems so as to contribute consultancy and support services of the highest level while maintaining high standards of quality of service.

Many of our developers possess vast experience and cross-technology knowledge. Understanding and familiarity of a wide range of technologies makes it possible for members of the development team to guarantee a professional, high quality and most suitable solution for its customers.