SAP Technology Group

The SAP Technology and Infrastructure group at Advantech is one of the leading organizations in Israel in complex SAP based technologies and infrastructure systems. The group consists of over 30 technology consultants who specialize in providing advice, support and maintenance and the management of infrastructure projects for systems supporting an organization’s decision making and objectives targeting. The group provides services and solutions from the SAP portfolio, including:

  • Databases and technology
  • Application infrastructure, security
  • Management and utilization of business processes and technologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Content Management
  • Data Storage
  • Data Management
  • In-memory Computing – SAP HANA
  • IT Management
  • Mobility
  • Real Time Data Platform (RTDP)

Advantech makes a good use of the knowledge and experience in its possession for the implementation of SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Java based systems to offer high quality consultancy and support services while maintaining high standards of quality of service.

Many of our consultants are architects with accumulated experience of hundreds of years who possess cross-technology knowledge. Their knowledge and familiarity of the varied technologies allow team members to shape the most suitable system architecture for the client while working in the best interests of the client and his actual needs, instead of fixating on one possible solution.

Advantech possess a server farm and a dedicated technological lab which serve all the various professional groups, Demo systems, and development servers running a great number of SAP applications that have been developed by the team over the course of its many years of experience.

Advantech holds workshops and introductory meetings with existing technologies and new technologies released from time to time by SAP.

Advantech’s SAP Technology Group possesses unique expertise and extensive experience in the following areas and services:

  • Master consultancy for the development of decentralized / complex architectural solutions in accordance with the customer’s needs, together with the use of existing solutions
  • Management and execution of SAP infrastructure projects
  • Upgrading SAP systems on all their components, including BI, PI, SRM, CRM, ERP, ECC-SAP, GRC, Solution Manager, BO, SCP/APO, and more
  • Migration and platform changes (OS/DB Migration)
  • Migration to Unicode systems
  • Virtualization projects in SAP systems
  • Consultancy and implementation for DR solutions development for sustainability and business continuation
  • Studying and improving performance (ABAP+Java)
  • Implementing Solution Manager projects
  • Implementing SAP GRC projects
  • Consultancy for short duration projects together with the customer’s team


In addition to the above specialties, the technology group is home to the biggest and highest quality SAP Permissions Team. The team executes permissions projects on the various SAP systems and provides routine support. Also, the team conducts data security surveys and provides recommendations for reinforcing the SAP systems. The team has extensive knowledge related to the inclusion and implementation of SAP GRC in order to meet regulatory requirements.


Additional Services:

  • The Technology Group provides Cloud Services and complete management of all of the customer’s systems. Advantech serves customers who have all of their data systems on cloud services and are provided with routine support.
  • Managed Services – Service and support for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to provide a quick and effective response
  • Advantech has been officially certified a SAP PartnerEdge to troubleshoot SAP Israel (OSS) customer issues. We provide this service using a SAP-developed ticket mechanism so as to meet the highest standards possible, including SLA Availability and a high quality, professional response by senior consultants, as part of the SAP and Advantech service conventions.